Burning Man là một lễ hội đặc sắc của nghệ thuật, âm nhạc, thời trang cùng nhiều thứ khác nữa diễn ra hàng năm tại sa mạc Nevada. Gần 70.000 người đã tề tựu ở lễ hội Burning Man năm nay, với chủ đề chính “Công xưởng của Da Vinci”, người tham dự đã tận mắt chứng kiến những tác phẩm nghệ thuật đầy sức sáng tạo và có phần hơi điên rồ này.

“El Pulpo Mechanico”, Duane Flatmo và Jerry Kunkel

Nothing better than a flaming octopus. #burningmanart #burningman2016 #burningman #burningmanphotos #elpulpo

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“Cá voi không gian”, The Pier Group với Matthew Schultz, Android Jones và Andy Tibbetts

“Giấc mơ hời hợt”, Dream Team

“Thú vui của Da Vinci” Elizabeth Mallory và Mikell Haynes

#burningman #burningman2016 #burningmanart #firsttimer #blackrockcity #playa

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“La Victrola”, La Victrola Society

Burning man experience is impossible to define or lable. It is both great and terrible, exciting and scary, crazy yet carrying… Surrealistic at least. Drying heat and dust put a final touch to it. For me this was an experience of “here and now”, being present in current moment, forgetting that the world outside exists. Sometimes catching myself thinking that the world outside this desert may not be real. Only when you are on the bus, as it travels to s bigger city, you feel like outside world and its people are starting to come back in your head, like a faded memory becoming alive. Not sure if I would ever do it again, but this is defenatelly one of the best lifetime experiences. PS. Never been happier to get on the bus and get out though #burningman2016 #BurningMan #BurningManArt #Desert #Experience #LaVictrola

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“Sư tử sắt”, Kevin Clark

#burningman #burningman2016 #burningmanart #brc

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“Dự án 747”, Big Imagination Foundation

“Đóng khung”, NiNo

“Trái tim vàng”, Hybycozo

Heart of gold

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“Cánh cổng”, Davis McCarty

“Công viên Essencia”, CrowArt

“Ma thuật”, Laura Kimpton và Jeff Schomberg

(sculpture by @laurakimpton ) #burningman the greatest #human #experiment opened its doors tonight With the last bits of connectivity before everything goes dark for the week. I thought I would share one little bit. As everyone begins to pour in I sat under a crescent #moon rising over the playa illuminating @laurakimpton and jeff schomberg “magic” sculpture that our camp dragonfly den helped bring to the playa. My thoughts wandered to the woman of my dreams at home caring for our newborn baby. I felt once again the luckiest person on #earth And how perfect to sum it all up with a shooting star that actually happened (over the c) while I contemplated all of the #magic in my life. @burningman @burningmanphotos #bm2016 #burningmanphotos #burningman2016 @bettiejune

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“Ở quầy điện thoại nói chuyện với Chúa trời”, Miles Eastman

#burningman2016 #talktogod

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“Hình trứng”, Michael Christian

“Bên trong bộ não DaVinci”, Phoenix Rising và Wrecking House

Davinci. Burningman 2016

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“Medusa”, Kevin Clark


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“Spacecats”, Ayda Keshtkar

#SpaceCats here for #DaftPunk at the #trashfence. #burningmanart #burningman #burningman2016

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“Bạch tuộc”, Peter Hazel Mosaic

…?ne for all & all for ?ne.!!! #BM2016 #burningmanart #friendsandfamily #cirquegitane

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“Tỉnh thức”, Ryan Elmendorf và Nick Geurts

“Con tàu nữ hoàng”, Tahoe Twisted

A boat in the desert – sure! Why not!?

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“Sonic Runway”, Rob Jensen và Sonic Runway Team


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“@Earth”, Laura Kimpton và Jeff Schomberg


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“#Home”, Laura Kimpton và Jeff Schomberg

Burning Man 2016 #home #burningmanart

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